How to use the Piss Perfect

Preparing the Piss Perfect for use

  1. Make sure the clip valve locate at the base of prosthetic is closed prior to filling.
  2. Prepare / preheat urine per the directions.
  3. Using the liquid syringe, draw up the synthetic urine.
  4. Open the twist cap on the urine bag.
  5. Inject the urine into the bag from the filled liquid syringe.
  6. Remove as much air as possible from the bag.
  7. Close the twist cap to seal the bag.
  8. Open up one heat pack and shake it to activate the warmer.
  9. *The heat pack could take 10-20 minutes to reach maximum temperature
  10.  Apply it to the side of the vinyl bag opposite the temperature strip.
  11. Stick it to the bag, not the belt.

For the most realistic urine flow. Once you have the Piss Perfect on, insert the small elastic belt in front through the provided loop. Pull tight and attach the velcro to the belt to add more pressure on your urine bag.

Urinating with the Piss Perfect

  1.     It’s recommended that you practice using your Piss Perfect with water before you use it.
  2.     Wear the Piss Perfect so that the temperature is facing towards your body. Make sure that waistband and leg straps are secure.
  3.     When ready to release the synthetic urine open the clip valve at the base of the prosthetic prior to wet sex simulation carefully.
  4.     Using one hand, hold the Piss Perfect prosthesis, and pinch it just below head to open “pressure release valve” which opens up when you squeeze it to allow the urine to flow.
  5.     To stop the urine flow, just let go of the “pressure release valve” and the flow will stop.

Extra Tips

  1. Mix your synthetic urine concentrate with warm water to so the urine is at correct temperature when you apply the heat source to the bag.
  2. When using the synthetic urine concentrate try to use within 24 hour or bacteria could  begin to grow like it does normal human urine.
  3. Practice with water before you use the synthetic urine, you don't want to waste you synthetic urine.

Do not drink synthetic urine, it's for external use only.