Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the urine that comes with the Piss Perfect last?

If the synthetic urine concentrate is unmixed, it will be good for two years. Once mixed we recommended you use it within 24 hours.


How to I use the Piss Perfect

Please visit our Instructions Page for a detailed explanation on how to use it.


Do you have any female versions of the Piss Perfect?

The Piss Perfect has a prosthetic on it, that won't work for females. We recommend the Go Pack, this device is designed for males and females who don't need the prosthetic.


How much liquid does the Piss Perfect Hold?

The reservoir bag can hold 3 ounces.


How to clean your Piss Perfect?

We recommend you use the Wizclear Device Cleaner to keep your Piss Perfect free of growing any bacteria. We strongly recommend that you should never use any detergents or soaps, it can leave chemicals behind in the bag and contaminate it for future use.


What colors does the Piss Perfect Come in?

The Piss Perfect comes in five colors at this time, White, Tan, Latino, Brown, and Black.


What size waistband does the Piss Perfect fit?

The Piss Perfect fits up to a 52” size waistband